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Home projects are always fun when you want to spice up your home with a new and unique design. And one of the easiest to mold resources for home decor is wood. Depending on the design of your home you can try out a variety of wood of different quality and color to find the one that meets your taste. This opens up a variety of looks you can try out for your home so that you never get bored with staring at the same old boring wall. Check our article of the best glue for wood.

And if you are lucky then even your guests will find these designs appealing if you are in the mood for a bit of showing off. The type of wood you want to use will determine how much you need to spend but this does not mean that you need to stick to an expensive type of wood to get a good design as even a plain piece of plywood can be used to make a piece of art as long as you have the right tools and know a little bit about carpentry.

Now you may feel like the best way to shape your wood structures may be to use a hammer and nails but this is very dangerous if you aren't precise enough and accidentally end up missing the nail and end up hitting your hand and the feeling of smashed fingers isn't very welcoming. What you need is something that is safe but can also hold your wood in a strong and tight grip so that no small or large movement ends destroying your design.

Imagine this, you are stuck in an emergency where you need a solution for your broken wood and a fast remedy. The best solution is glue. Just apply the glue to two separate ends and hold them together to dry. This is much faster than hammering a nail one after another without risking your precious fingers. And glue is also a bit more flexible in the angle in which it allows you to shape your wood as nails are likely to poke out in the corners.

For light projects, you can just hold the two ends together for drying but larger projects and heavier pieces of wood may require something known as a g-clamp that applies strong pressure from two angles that has a stronger grip than just

your hands. Depending on the type of glue, they may have their specific uses and the prices may vary so to make your choice easier check out the list below.

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Loctite Liquid Longneck Glue

Cyanoacrylate glue

25-30 seconds to dry

Transparent drying

Glue Masters Professional Glue

Protective cap

Designed tip

30 seconds to set

Elmer's Store Carpenter Wood

Available in different colors

4-ounce capacity

Nontoxic glue

Gorilla Wood Super Glue

Water-based adhesive 

20-30 seconds clamp time

Water-Resistant glue

Titebond Premium Wood Glue

Waterproof glue

Tack fast set

273-milliliter glue

1. Loctite Liquid Longneck Glue

As a carpenter, you need to make sure that every corner and every edge has been set up perfectly but sometimes normal nails don't work when you need something to hold down tight corners and hard to reach areas. 

That's where the liquid long neck glue comes in to shine as the long and narrow tube on the front allows you to apply a healthy amount of glue near places you have trouble getting to.

For home or office use, you can bust this out any time for any emergency that requires a quick repair, and what makes it such a useful tool is how easily it can fit inside your bag. This allows you to have a quick fix for problems that arise on the go.


  • Perfect for DIY projects
  • There is no clamping required
  • Strong against cold temperature
  • A metal pin clears the nozzle 


  • May need to hold in place for longer

2. Glue Masters Professional Glue

If you want something cheap but something that holds your wood together with a lot of tension then this is the safest bet you could make. It has enough holding strength to make other industrial-grade glues jealous of how well it holds together.  

It's the perfect quick fix for a fast fit and even people who have just gotten into carpentry will also find this highly useful as it can hold more than wood so you may want to get one for household emergencies. Even if it's just for a hobby you will be glad to have this glue.

Depending on the amount you need, you get to choose from three amounts of glue and if you want to save a bit of extra money then the smaller sizes may be a suitable purchase for you. The tip has also been designed to allow the correct angle of the appliance without there being a risk of spilling.


  • Easy to control nozzle
  • Even a small amount works for large objects
  • Allows a well-balanced handling
  • Versatility in the material appliance


  • Glue may be a bit water like

3. Elmer's Store Carpenter Wood

For creative minds who like to get their hands down and dirty in hard labor, you may find this an essential tool after you start using it in your work and it will provide you with support in corners that you could never have made stronger with Nails. And if you have made a mess of yourself then don't you worry as a simple soap and water wash will have you clean in no time.

Although it is made from chemicals it does not mean that it is harmful at all as the nontoxic ingredients allow it to be handled for safe use in your home or at the office. This is a highly flexible tool and you can still sand the wood to a smooth finish no matter the amount of glue.

It allows a variety of sizes to choose from so depending on whether you need something for heavy or light work you can get the one your task entails.


  • You can get 3 separate quantities
  • Is simple to clean up with water
  • Has a strong adhesive quality
  • Liquid glue makes it easier to spread


  • Can not glue objects like steel to wood

4. Gorilla Wood Super Glue

Nothing says strong like a gorilla and with this in mind, this glue has been made to entail that thought in how it can hold together your wood constructs with the strength of a gorilla. This is a PVA type glue so you should expect a liquid-like texture meaning you should not squeeze too hard if you want to avoid a spill.

All you need to do is to take two flat surfaces of wood and then spread out the glue onto the wood in a precise manner so that it doesn't go over the wood. Due to this precision in the use of this glue many carpenters look towards this glue as a necessary tool.

The current offer allows you to buy two packs of this glue so if you're afraid of running out of glue too fast then an extra bottle will be your saving grace.


  • Suitable for three types of wood such as soft or hard
  • Can handle indoor and outdoor temperature
  • Has type ii water resistance
  • Requires only damp cloth for cleanup


  • It May does not work in very damp areas

5. Titebond Premium Wood Glue

The Titebond name says it all in how it works to hold your wood together. It provides tension on the surface that separates the wood so that they stick together as if something is holding the two pieces of wood from both directions.

This product is safe and approved by the FDA meaning in contact with food it will still be safe for your consumption and clean-up is also very easy as a simple water solution is all you need.

This non-toxic glue is safe to use so you don't have the fear of worrying about any strange side effects.


  • Takes only five minutes to apply
  • Can be cleaned with water but it won't disrupt holding power
  • The fast set time is crucial for emergencies
  • The nozzle has been added for small fitting


  • The glue texture may be runny
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Final Thoughts

Carpeting can be picked up as a hobby or work and when you get done with your first project you get a feeling of accomplishment from doing something by yourself. This teaches you to be self-sufficient so to work safely and efficiently you

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