Best Glue for Plastic

Not all plastics are same. The plastic used in your child’s safety seat is different from the plastic used in your tiffin box. Again, the fancy phone case that protects your cell phone is made of hard plastic, quite different from high density plastic used in milk jugs or PVC in your cars. All the different types of plastic means, each needs a different kind of glue to be bonded.

Some would need thick viscosity, quick setting ones, while other plastics may well set in place firmly with thinner consistency glue. How do you know which one to choose for your plastic fix? Before you navigate through our top picks from the Best Glue for Plastic, read ahead to know what you should be looking for. 

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What to consider before buying?

  • The type of plastic surface: is it a toy car or the cracked pvc pipe
  • The size of plastic to be bonded: big crack or light fix
  • Make sure you have clean, dry surface before application
  • Know the weather conditions: outdoor or indoor plastic? 
  • Determine the type from the 3 arrowed recycle symbol in your plastic 

What to avoid when choosing the best glue for plastic?

Look at our list and choose the glue that does not clog. This is essential. For this reason, most applicators are made in a way that the nozzle does not clog. In case it does, make sure you have a pin to void that hard mess!

You may want to avoid mixing your glue in anything other than wooden containers. If possible, opt for the one you can dispose at ease after use. 

Beware of chemical reactions. Don’t mix acrylic with superglue or acetone. If you do, you may be left with a chemical reaction, leaving the surface white and cloudy. 


  • Thinner consistency glue tries quicker than thicker ones
  • Super glue gel creates stronger bond than super glue. 
  • Glue is quite flammable. Make sure the working space has proper ventilation

The Types of Glue for Plastic:

Cyanoacrylate glue or superglue is the most commonly used and the most available type of glue. Superglue usually comes in both thick and thin consistency and is used in everyday home or office use. 

Polystyrene adhesive is used only for very strong bonds, like water pipes. Polystyrene does not adhere to any other material other than plastic, and needs professional expertise for application. 

Epoxy is used for both industrial scale projects and small fixes. This usually comes in dual application options and is a reliable pick for heavy duty work.




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Gorilla Super Glue

 Special cap that prevents clogging

Instant setting

No additional tools required

Perfect viscosity

J-B Welder Plastic Bonder

Incredible bond and tensile strength

Does not clog or dry out

Dries black

Sets in minutes

Glue Masters Super Glue

Versatile use

Fills small gaps

Convenient applicator

StarBond Premium Glue

Thick Consistency

Precise application

Additional bottles included

Can withstand heavy weight

Fills tiny gaps

Loctite Plastic Bonding

2 part system

Can be sanded or painted

Water and solvent resistant

Priming activator attached

Versatile use

Rhino Glue

Commercial grade use

Two different glue option

Shock absorbent

Water and Heat resistant

Krazy Glue

Ideal applicator for small plastic attachments

Easy to carry

Incredibly strong bond

Organized assemble

Fast fixes

HG Power Glue

Dual bonding options

Can resist extreme temperatures

Moisture resistant

Powerful bonding strength


1.Gorilla Super Glue Gel

Formulated with a unique consistency, this versatile glue is our top favourite in our list of Best Glue for Plastic. This gel glue with an ideal viscosity makes for a clog free, quick drying and versatile adhesive which can be used in plastic or other materials. If you have never bought any plastic glue before, this might be your star find. 


  • Sets instantly
  • No clogging
  • Versatile use
  • No dripping
  • No additional tools required


  • Overpriced for amount

2. J-B Plastic Bonder

A no waste, no clog, hassle free glue for precise attachments. With J-B Weild Bonder, you will be able to sand or paint your surface in less than an hour, faster than any glue does. Keep in mind, this quick setting time is not compromised with its outstanding bond strength and friendly application. In fact, you may need to work quickly for adjustments before it sets in rock solid bond. 


  • Easy to apply
  • Easy Mixing
  • Fills small gaps
  • No waste
  • Quick setting


  • Sometimes messy application

3.Glue Masters Super Glue

This one is a Cyanoacrylate adhesive known to produce the most staunch and tough attachments. Glue Master’s industrial strength glue is known to have one of the highest longevity and resistance. For this one, the price is a win situation for sure. We highly recommend you look into it if you’re looking for something that fixes precisely and easily. 


  • Very affordable
  • Multipurpose use
  • Strong attachment


  • Longer Setting Time

4.  Starbond Premium Glue

One of our top picks from the 8 best glue for plastic is Starbond’s multi-application kit, suitable for all kinds of plastic adhesive work.  This high end price is worth it for the high impact bond strength and durability. The best thing about this premium glue is the precise applicators and stoppers that never clog or dry. We suggest you may want to spend those few extra dollar for this star product. 


  • Dries within seconds
  • Error free application
  • Long shelf life


  • Contains chemicals
  • Costly

5.Loctite Plastic Bonding

Loctite ensures that the application and mixing is so easy, almost anyone can use it to glue their plastic instantly. This glue is capable of attaching more than just plastic, and is workable for almost all chemical wielding processes. Loctite is surely our favorite all-in- one glue. 


  • Easy application
  • Clean finish
  • Sets very quickly
  • No clamping required


  • Dries out in bottle

6. Rhino Glue

This heavy duty comes with dual bonding options for both your quick fixes and intense attachments. While the gel sets instantly, the glue takes longer to set for a stronger finish.  This highly water and vibration resistant adhesive is one of the most affordable ones in market for the remarkable bind it delivers. You can’t expect to fill in the tiny gaps with this one though!


  • Budget friendly
  • Resists moisture and heat
  • Flexible application


  • Difficult applicator

7. Krazy Glue

Krazy Glue might be your perfect option to get that quick, easy fix for plastic frames and surfaces. Although the strength is not enough for intense bindings, this tiny sized is an all-round solution for light home or office fixes. 


  • Precise application
  • No maintenance required
  • No waste


  • Not for heavy duty application

8.HG Power Glue

Power glue is developed to work out on both smooth and textured surfaced with plastic. The mixture of powder and glue makes it capable of bonding tiny plastic attachments, unaffected by any hard conditions. So you may want to try this for your outdoor adhesive works.  


  • Can be sanded, painted, drilled
  • Waterproof, weather proof
  • Different applications


  • No primer available

Final Words:

Plastic glue sounds messy and using it could become irksome. If you know what kind of plastic you are working with, choosing the right glue becomes easier than it seems. When you make the right choice, which you can from our favorite assemble of Best Glue for Plastic, you will realize that gluing plastic is indeed an uncomplicated task. And who knows, you might even enjoy the work!

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