Best Glue for Glass

Glass can be an interesting material to work with. While it looks beautiful and classy, it may become a challenge to bond one when it cracks or breaks. We understand that finding a suitable glass glue in that case may become tricky business. Whether you want to put together your grandmother’s treasured china plate, or your favourite wine glass, using the right glue can make it look like they never cracked. To make your find easy, we have picked 10 Best Glue for Glass based on use. 

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Know how to select the best glue for glass:

You may want to choose glass glue depending on the surface you will be repairing. That being said, your glass glue needs to be moisture, heat resistant and chemical free; it must give a seamless finish along with the ability to tolerate weight. It must also be able to produce flawless surface after the repair, and the glue should be able to create instant, long lasting bond without the need of any additional tools. Here are the types you may choose from. 

Super Glue: Used in various everyday fixed except very heavy weight bonds

Epoxy: Used in visible glass structures, indoors and outdoors, heavy bondings. 

Silicone: Used for commercial, industrial scale, firm glass use

UV Curable Glue: Used outdoors and for very strong bonds, but needs proper curing. 

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Best Glue for Glass:




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Glue Masters Super Glue

Instant, durable fix

Industrial strength

All-rounder glue

Nano Construction Glass

Incredibly strong

Can be used for load bearing applications

For glass and metal

No UV light required.

Loctite Glass Glue

Water and chemical resistant

Can withstand extreme temperatures

Pointed nozzle allows clear application

Dishwasher safe

Aleena’s Liquid Glue


Easy application

Thinner consistency for smaller gap

Gorilla Super Glue

Instant drying

Water resistant

Can be used for outdoors as well

No colours

Weldbond Adhesive Glue

Water, gasoline, oil resistant

Long lasting bond

Multiple uses

100% chemical free

E6000 Craft Adhesive

Paintable and photo safe

Gives flawless, clear finish

Heat resistant

Industrial strength

Elmer’s Glass Cement

Extremely strong bond

Versatile indoor and outdoor use

Temperature resistant

Beacon Glass

Weather proof

Durable bond

Water resistant

No white residue after setting

Devcon Clear Epoxy

High impact strength

Can withstand extreme temperatures

Dries clear


1. Glue Masters Super Glue

Best Glue for Glass

Glue Masters brings a highly affordable superglue with versatile use. The viscosity of our top pick glue is thick enough for controlled application and thin enough for instant, mess free drying. For the budget, you will get a generous amount of the super glue with the benefit of little to no clogging at the tip of the bottle. 


  • Versatile viscosity
  • Cost saving
  • Incredible bond
  • No smell 


  • Takes longer to stick

2. Nano Construction Glass Glue

Best Glue for Glass

While superglue is great for all glass fixes, a metal to glass adhesive is specialized to last longer on the dual surfaces. Our favourite for this special task is the industrial strength Nano glass glue. You may want to keep an eye on the cost, but its durability and strength for heavy weights is evident from thousands of user reviews.  


  • No odors.
  • Brilliant and instant bonding.
  • Heat and water-resistant feature.
  • Crystal clear results


  • Costly

3. Loctite Glass Glue

Best Glue for Glass
Loctite glass glue is one of our favourites among the 10 best glue for glass that we have listed here. This glue is truly versatile as it works for all glass bonding and glass to metals, hard plastics, and steel. We should advice you that this does not work great for very small gaps for its consistency, but it dries instantly to produce incredibly durable bonds on all types of glass  


  • Instant bonding
  • Affordable
  • Waterproof
  • Odorless


  • Spreads easily

4. Aleena’s Liquid Glue

Best Glue for Glass

This lesser known liquid glue is developed to hold any kind of fabric or plastic to glass. This 100% chemical free option is a reliable adhesive for your light fixes. We must warn you that it does not work for heavy attachments. 


  • Can be used to various surfaces
  • Dries very fast
  • Low-viscosity
  • Fills small cracks or gaps easily


  • Bad odor

5. Gorilla Super Glue

Best Glue for Glass

This super glue is suitable for home and office interior, as well as, outdoor fixes. Gorilla manufactures this glue especially for glass to wood attachments and comes in ample amounts in just one tube.  Little goes a long way for this one, and the drying takes only a few seconds. 


  • Sets instantly
  • Seamless finish
  • Affordable
  • Good quantity


  • Spreads easily

6. Weldbond Adhesive Glue

Best Glue for Glass

Glass mosaic is an ongoing trend for this gorgeous and contemporary outlook in homes and outdoor. Welbound adhesive may be one of the best glue for glass, specialized in holding such shiny surfaces for longer periods. It does not dry instantly like the others, but once it’s set, this thick adhesive gives a much secured finish. 


  • Flawless, clear finish after repair
  • Heat resistant
  • Durable bond


  • Setting time longer

7. E6000 Craft Adhesive  

If you own a jewelry or mirror shop, you might want to have this on your shopping list. This pick is one of the most popular glass glue, for its easy application and flexible use. Although it contains chemicals, the glue dries completely nonflammable. 


  • Long lasting bond
  • No smell
  • Versatile use


  • Not chemical free

8. Elmer's Glass Cement

For years, Elmers has been offering efficient and effective adhesive solutions. This glass cement provides a similar clean and strong finish in glass repairs. Perfect for both outdoor and indoor use, this glue is water resistant and completely chemical free. So you can drink and eat from your repaired glass utensils without worrying about toxins. 


  • Extremely strong bond
  • Versatile indoor and outdoor use
  • Temperature resistant


  • Too runny

9. Beacon Glass

This heat resistant glue if perfect for outdoor glass fixes with clean finish and strong attachments. You might want to consider one of our other options if you are in a bit of a rush as this highly efficient adhesive takes hours to dry completely. 


  • Waterproof
  • Rain, snow, sunlight proof
  • Clear finish


  • Flammable
  • Long drying time

10. Devcon Clear Epoxy

Devcon epoxy adhesive is formulated to deliver long lasting bonds that can hold out against extreme temperatures, oil, gas or salt solution. Although you might have to wait reasonable amount of time before it sets completely, the finish is crystal clear and flawless. We also recommend you use Devcon for indoors only. 


  • Oil, Water, Gasoline resistant
  • Incredibly good strength
  • Exceptional durability


  • Long setting time 
  • Turns yellow from sunlight exposure 

Final Words

Working with glass requires attention and care, and to get it fixed- can be bit of a job. You’ll need a glue that does multiple jobs: delivers long lasting bond, sets clear and resists spills. There are too many options in the market and we understand it can get baffling. We have narrowed down the 10 Best Glue for Glass just for you to choose from. Whether its fabric to glass, metal or steel to glass, industrial or light strength, keep in mind that the surface and weight of the material you are fixing is important for precise results. 

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