Best Fabric Glue

If you have any interest in art or fashion and usually like to get your hands dirty then you already know how messy it can get when you are working with your materials. This includes sewing and it's not surprising that many people out there don't know how to sew themselves.

It takes a lot of patience and precision and if your hand-eye coordination isn't up to the mark then your fingers might end up with a lot of holes. There is also a high chance of error with stitching as you might stitch in the wrong areas and it takes up a lot of thread to attach whole pieces of fabrics so you can say goodbye to the money in your wallet if you are working on large projects. 

Depending on the type of fabric you are using any error you make will result in a loss and waste of otherwise useful and expensive material. This is true for most kids who have an interest in crafts or need to do a school project and they are less likely to know anything about stitching.

Something equally useful for such tasks as crafts utilizing clothes is a good fabric glue that dries quickly and is strong yet still retains the softness of the clothes. It is much safer for someone who is less experienced with a needle and a thread and is also going to hold your fabrics stronger than any kind of thread. One of the many advantages of fabric gluing is that it doesn't stand out as much if you had sewn them together. You would have to buy separate threads that match the color of the fabrics but that is not the issue with fabric glue. There are no visible seams that ruin the aesthetics of your crafts projects or other kinds of art.

 If there are any gaps or any errors in sticking together with your fabrics then you can quickly remedy those issues by gluing extra fabric without wasting any time. There is also less chance of any dirt or liquids seeping through the gaps in the seam as there are no gaps with glue. There are many types of glue available and some are suitable for a fabric type while others aren't so to find out which type of fabric glue you should get check out the list below.

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Best Fabric Glue

Aleenes Fusion Glue

Dries fast

Odorless glue

Convenient purse

Best Fabric Glue

Aleenes Tacky Fabric Glue

Five packs

3-ounce quantity

Available in 3 styles

Best Fabric Glue

E6000 Fabric Fuse Glue

Clear dry residue

Odorless glue

7 colors available

Beacon Fabri-tac Adhesive

8-ounce capacity

Fast dry glue

Flexible residue

Tear Mender Instant Fabric Glue

Available in 3 types

3 minutes to dry

Waterproof glue

1. Aleenes Fusion Glue

Best Fabric Glue

Stitching together pieces of fabrics may take up hours depending on your workload but if you use this adhesive from Arleenes then you can get the job done much faster. It is an easy process and all you need to do is to apply some glue on the edges and then leave it around to dry for a few minutes.

It is made from safe materials that cancel harmful effects when any kind of contact with skin is made. It is a greater option than any kind of needle and stitching and will hold together stronger than a simple thread. The glue is also durable enough and waterproof to boot so that it can handle wash after wash.

If you have a sudden need for fabric glue then pop this small pack of glue out. It is perfect for carrying as the small size makes it a compact instrument that you can bust out on the go. And why stop at clothes when you can even use this for crafts to create a wonderful and strong piece of art that you can show-off.


  • It can handle a machine wash
  • Creates a firm yet flexible bond
  • Perfect for remedying problems in your regular clothing
  • Glue leaves no trace of smell


  • It Will ruins your fabric if the fabric type isn't suitable

2. Aleenes Tacky Fabric Glue

One-off products are great but sometimes they leave you wanting a bit more and if you enjoy a bit of variety in your products then check out this sticky formula from Aleenes which is sure to work wonders in sticking your fabrics and crafts together in a firm and durable hold. It comes in five different types of packs and they each come with their qualities.

If you need something flexible but can also keep your fabrics from splitting then the Flexible Stretchable glue is your choice and the OK to wash it glue can handle repeated washes and the glue still won't come off.

All this and more is available for you and just within your budget so if you're looking for something low in price but something that also gets the job done then this is the glue that you don't want to miss out on.


  • Five types of glue for one price
  • Perfect for carrying in your purse
  • Great for sticking nylon
  • Quick-dry solution for faster use


  • Regular glue not included

3. E6000 Fabric Fuse Glue

Best Fabric Glue

Sometimes your regular glue doesn't just get the job done and you need something that has been made especially for use on fabrics. Regular glue may harm your fabrics but with the Fabric Fuse Glue, you won't even have any room to complain so try this glue out yourself and watch the magic happen.

The Fabric Fuse Glue is a durable product as it has been made for clothes meaning that even if your fabrics see a lot of movement and are stretched to their limits there still won't be any cracks in the edges that are being held together. It is the perfect tool that will make all of your decorations stay in place without the risk of any kind of a mess.

If you are stuck in an emergency and need a fast solution then this quick-dry formula will be your savior regarding any fabric related tearing. And it is strong enough that you can even hold down solid objects.


  • It is clear dry to prevent staining
  • It is free of any toxins
  • It is exceptional in being smell free
  • The flexibility of the glue allows bending in any direction


  • Glued patches may be stiff

4. Beacon Fabri-tac Adhesive

Best Fabric Glue

From soft and fragile fabrics like cotton to more durable materials like leather, this glue will hold them together with the strength of an elephant. This ensures your clothes stick together through any kind of emergency at a party.

It is available in a durable bottle available in a substantial quantity so that you don't run out of glue too fast and a tight plastic lid prevents air from flowing inside. If you want a fast glue with a tight bond that won't break then the Beacon glue should be right up your alley.

Fix torn sections, seams or add some extra designs with a single application of glue on your clothes. It will give your clothes a firm hold to keep them from tearing and the designs will last you through even a rough wash.


  • The formula is safe to touch
  • Your clothes or fabrics will not stain
  • It soaks thoroughly into the weave
  • Can hold together even solid and heavy decorative pieces


  • Is not suitable for carrying

5. Tear Mender Instant Fabric Glue

The tear gender is an original formula that will hold any kind of fabric through all kinds of rough motions. It will seep through your fabrics for a tighter hold.

It is perfect for repairing any tears in your clothes that would have otherwise been embarrassing if left alone. And don't just leave it in clothes, you can do more such as fixing holes in your umbrellas or a camping tent.

It is available in a variety of sizes so you can find the one according to your needs and price range so don't waste any time and grab yours now.


  • It is made from organic ingredients
  • Can handle bending and applied tension
  • Water will be repelled from the surface
  • UV resistance prevents melting


  • Is messy to use

Final Thoughts

Depending on the type of fabric you want to stick together regular glue will not work so to help yourself, you can try out any glue from this list to get a stronghold on your fabrics. Some may shine better than others in certain areas but they are all efficient so we leave it up to you to make a final decision.

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